I’m a homeowner!

dream home

… oh god, that means I’m basically a grown up, doesn’t it?!


Yes, yes it does.

My biggest dilemmas used to be what colour to paint my nails (still a valid concern) or which shoes would make me look that tiny bit taller and slimmer.

Those days are lonnnnng gone.

From the moment my offer was accepted, I spent months agonising over colour schemes, paint charts and themes. If it wasn’t for the wonderful ladies at Farrow & Ball, I’m certain I’d still be in my own personal ‘where can I find an off-white that is still basically white’ hell.

Sure, the paint has ridiculous names (Elephant’s Breath, anyone?) and it costs around a scullion pounds per tin, but F&B has got subtle colours nailed.

Once the colour scheme was decided it was all systems go… carpet, sofa, kitchen, bathroom, cute zebra cushions.

(Actually, the cushions were purchased before everything else, but Habitat’s Zig design was just too good to ignore.)


That’s not even the half of it…

When I was little, Changing Rooms made interior design look like the most fun.

Heading off to uni, I needed nothing more than a quick trip to Ikea followed by a Marks & Spencer spree. Bad decor wasn’t my problem, I could just hide it under posters and photos.

Now, I need a good week to consider which hand soap to put in the bathroom and I’ve spent a solid six weeks trying to work out how I can make the Laura Ashley Pineapple lamp work in my flat – to no avail.


I don’t know how Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen did it, I really don’t.

Dream home is a work in progress so watch this space…


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